The Trinity School Experience


We invite you to learn more about Trinity Christian School!  You are about to discover a unique and powerful educational opportunity for your child.  Trinity attracts families who seek academic excellence and who also want a partner in the reinforcement of strong spiritual standards and family values for their children.  Trinity partners with our parents!

We challenge our students  to think critically and biblically in preparing them for the day they will effectively live out their life’s calling.   Our goal is for Trinity students graduate with a solid academic and spiritual foundation.

How is this accomplished?  Trinity’s students’ intellectual growth comes through application of Classical teaching methods.     Spiritual growth comes through biblical study and application of biblical values in a variety of ways, including classroom education, mission service and student leadership.   We also encourage students in the expression of their unique interests and talents through the fine arts, performing arts, and athletics.

We are eager to meet you, answer any questions you may have, host you on a tour of our campus and , if we are the right fit for your family, receive your application.    Please contact us today!  

Why Choose Trinity?

At Trinity, we believe the 15,000 hours your students will spend in their K-12 years
are critical for the ultimate life preparation.

  • Will these years be fulfilling or wasted?
  • Will students have knowledge that comes from  solid academic preparation?
  • Will they know how to think well, reason well, and present themselves well?
  • Will they have opportunities to hone skills and talents through fine arts, performing arts, or athletics?
  • Will they be well-balanced in their academic, social, civic, and spiritual lives?
  • Will they know how to defend their faith and think Christianly in an increasingly secular world?
  • Will they develop hearts for service and learn how to apply their faith in whatever becomes their life calling?
  • Will they be cared about by Godly teachers who are highly skilled in the Classical education method?
  • Will they attend a school with high standards and expectations?
  • Will they attend a school that is fully accredited by an international organization, The Association of Christian Schools, Int’l.?

At Trinity, we seek to address all of these aspects and more with our students.  We welcome you to our campus for a visit and tour to take a first-hand look at what happens in our classrooms.

Contact us.

Welcome to the world of Classical Christian education at Trinity Christian School!

Top Reasons Parents Choose Trinity:

1.  Christ-centered educational focus

2.  Challenging Classical curriculum that teaches students how to think

3.  Caring teachers and staff

4.  Smaller, more personal class sizes

5.  Family-friendly, safe and nurturing environment

“…the decisions parents make about where they send their children to school is really a 15,000 hour question. That’s how many hours young people are going to spend with their various teachers between kindergarten and graduation from high school”

-Derek Keenan, VP of Academic Affairs, Assoc. of Christian Schools, Int’l