What to Expect

As with any new school experience, both children and parents have expectations.

Here are some things to expect at Trinity:

  1.  Partnering between parents and teachers regarding their child’s education and spiritual growth.
  2.  Respectful children – of each other, their teachers and parents.
  3.  How to think independently and biblically.
  4.  High academic standards based on a biblical world view and using a classical approach.  Teachers will be teaching using the “bent” of the child – the Trivium. Teaching methods in classical education are based on the child’s natural learning skills.  For example, in grammar school (K-6) the focus is on absorbing facts, systematically laying out the foundations for advanced study.  In the middle grades, rhetoric, students learn to think through arguments, studying formal logic and forming arguments through oral debates and written essays.  The high school years (logic) they learn how to express themselves using writing, applying math concepts to physics and engineering, teaching their peers, delivering speeches and lectures and translating original Latin texts.
  5. Making life long friendships

What is a Profile of  a Trinity Christian School Graduate?

Confident servant leader

Identity is in Christ

Articulate communicator

Thinks biblically

Engages his/her culture

Kingdom focused ambition

Life long learner

Apprentice to Jesus