Trinity Staff 2016-2017 School Year

Kyle Maestri

Elementary Principal
Mrs. Blount

Assistant Headmaster
Mr. Rosberg

4-8th grade Latin/History
Mr. Orr

K-1st PE/K Art
Mrs. McMahan

2nd-6th PE & K-6 Music:
Mr. Richardson

HS and 1st-6th Art & HS Theatre
Mrs. Weisel

Latin 6-8th grade
Mrs. White

Mrs. Shelabarger
Mrs. Molyneux

1st grade
Mrs. McKeown
Mrs. Pena

2nd grade
Mrs. Collins

3rd grade
Mrs. Aceves

4th grade
Mr. Harcey

5th grade
Mrs. Smith

6th grade
Mr. Anderson

JH/HS Literature and History/Missions
Mr. West

JH Math/Science/Computer
Mrs. Red

HS Math/Science
Mr. Shelabarger

HS Literature/Logic/Rhetoric
Mr. Roberts

JH/HS Literature/Librarian
Mrs. Harrison

HS Science/Spanish/JH Drama
Miss McKune

HS Literature/History/Government/Economics/P.E.
Mr. Lane

JH/HS Bible/Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Orr

JH/HS Bible/Secondary Department Head
Mr. Jimison