School & Student Information


Long pants, shorts, capris, skirts/skorts. Permitted colors are khaki or navy. Shorts, skirts/shorts must be Bermuda length (within 1 inch of top of the knee) or longer. Shorts or tights/leggings must be worn under skirts (navy or white). No cargo shorts/pants. No corduroy or denim. No skinny or slim fitting pants or jeggings.


Short sleeve or long sleeve collared polo. Permitted colors are white, light blue, navy and maroon/burgundy. Undershirts may be worn under a polo, and can be turtlenecks, long sleeved shirts, t-shirts or camisoles. Permitted colors are white, light blue, navy and maroon/burgundy. No logos are permitted on polos that are larger than a credit card.

Outerwear in the classroom 

Solid colored or Trinity sweatshirts, zippered sweatshirts, hoodies and sweaters. Permitted colors are white, light blue, navy and maroon/burgundy (exceptions for Trinity sweatshirts, please see Spirit Wear section). No hoods may be worn up in the buildings or classrooms.

Outerwear outside 

Plain or patterned coats or jackets. No characters, slogans, sports logos or large logos are permitted. May only be worn outside, not permitted in the classroom.

Spirit Wear Trinity t-shirts are permitted on approved spirit wear days. Trinity sweatshirts are permitted as outerwear in the classrooms but students must wear polo under sweatshirt. Spirit wear may be purchased in main office.

Shoes Low healed (1” or lower) and closed toe. Tennis shoes must be worn for physical education.

Hair Hair should be neat, clean, well-groomed and not covering eyes. No unnatural hair colors, mohawks or other distracting styles permitted.

Jewelry/Accessories Girls may wear earrings. Watches, rings, bracelets, necklaces and scarves are permitted, but are not the responsibility of the school if they are lost, stolen, or broken. Jewelry or accessories that are a distraction are not permitted. Other body piercing/jewelry or visible tattoos are not permitted.

Hats Hats are only permitted outdoors or in the gym and cannot display any offensive language/logos

Make-up Modest make-up, that is not a distraction, is allowed for girls in 6th-12th grade.

Backpacks/lunchboxes Must be plain or patterned without characters, slogans or large logos.

Note: Trinity Christian School reserves the right to make the final decision in regard to dress.

There are circumstances in which Trinity Christian School will send a child home. These policies are carried out by the main office. Other health concerns may be addressed by the teacher.

When students are not permitted to come to school: 

1) Fever of 100 or greater. Must be 24 hours fever free before returning.

2) Vomiting. Must be vomit free for 24 hours before returning.

3) Illnesses that require antibiotics. Must be 24 hours out from first dosage before returning.

4) Lice, if found at home. Student must be 24 hours lice free, and turn in proof of treatment to the main office.

When student are sent home from school. 

1) Student registers a fever of 100 or greater.

2) Student vomits at school.

3) Student present symptoms of pink eye. Note, since we are not medical professionals, it is at our discretion to send students home with symptoms of pink eye. A Doctor’s note is required for clearance back to school, and 24 hours on antibiotics before permitted back to school, if pink eye is present.

4) Student has lice.

Other cases in which parents can be called 

1) Child has come in for medicine, has given it the appropriate time to work and it has not helped.

2) Child is not well and parents have not given permission for something that would help that complaint.

3) Child has had an accident that involves an injury to the neck or head, including eyes and ears.

Medication at School 

State law concerning the use of continuing medication by students contains the following requirements:

1) The parent must inform the office in writing of:

a) medication being taken

b) current dosage

c) the name of the supervising physician.

2) Parents must give permission for students to use Ibuprofen, Tylenol, etc.

Questions relating to the taking of medication at school should be directed to the school office. Student medications should be brought to the school office and signed in.

Technology has dramatically changed our world and the continued advances in technology assure us that this will continue. Technology has impacted the educational process as well. Some of these advances are great and others have become a difficulty in the classroom.

Colleges and Universities are responding to the changes in various ways. Some are utilizing more technology in the classroom and still others are working to minimize student use of personal technology devices in the classroom. As with everything new thing like this, an experimental attitude and a balanced approach seeking wisdom is needed when looking at these issues. This issue will continue to be studied and policies adjusted accordingly nationwide. For our purposes at Trinity Christian School in keeping with our mission to provide students with the tools of learning and focusing on teaching them how to think Biblically about the world, we have concluded that the following policies are best for our students at this time.

1) Laptops, Tablets, and similar devices: 

a) Laptops, Tablets, and similar devices are generally not allowed to be used in class. If a student has an electronic device with them in class it must be turned off and closed, face down, or in a cover and placed on the corner of the student’s desk or in his/her backpack.

b) Laptops, Tablets, and similar devices may be used in class with teacher permission to work on a class specific research project. 

c) Laptops, Tablets, and similar devices may be used in class with teacher permission for class presentations. 

2) Cell phones and Smart phones: 

a) All cell phones are required to be turned off during school hours, including breaks and lunch.

b) Smart phones are not allowed in class as a substitute for a laptop or tablet.

c) If a student must use his/her phone, the student must go to the office and ask permission. If permission is given, the student must use the phone while in the office.

3) Calculators: 

a) Calculators are allowed in classes where they are needed.

b) Phones are NOT allowed to be used as calculators.

4) Other Electronic Devices 

a) Any device capable of connecting to the Internet and/or texting is not allowed in class. (This includes all e-readers).

b) These devices should be turned off and stored in the student’s backpack or locker.

c) These devices cannot be used without permission during school hours including lunch and breaks.

5) Internet Policy 

a) Trinity Christian School has instituted a campus-wide password protected wireless network. If a student needs wireless Internet access he/she must ask the teacher to enter the password on the log-on page. This will allow the student one (1) hour of Internet access. After that time period they will need to ask the teacher to sign them in again.

b) While on the Internet, the student agrees to NOT:

● Use the Internet for any social media

● Access e-mail other than what is needed for the class

● Use the Internet for non-educational purposes

● Access any inappropriate material (pornography, drugs, alcohol, etc.)

● Play any sort of games

● Instant message unless it is pertaining to school matters

● Watch movies

● Listen to music

Students also agree that any use of the Internet will be only for the class they are in at the time, unless the teacher gives them permission to work on an assignment from another class.

Violation of Policies (Per student, not per device): 

1) First offense: The Electronic device will be taken by the school and held for three (3) school days. The device will only be returned to a parent or legal guardian after the three school day period.

2) Second offense: The Electronic device will be taken by the school and held for five (5) school days. The student will also be given one (1) office visit. The device will only be returned to a parent or legal guardian after the five school day period.

3) Third offense: The electronic device will be taken by the school and returned to the parent or legal guardian. The student will also be charged another office visit and will lose all electronic device privileges for the remainder of the school year.

At Trinity, students bring packed lunches to school each day.  Additionally, we have Fun Food Days about once a week.  Order forms go out monthly, giving families the option of choosing which lunches they would like to purchase.  Our current vendors are Panda Express, Firehouse Subs, Hogs and Dogs, and Little Caesars.

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