Parent Testimonials

My daughter has been going here since Kindergarten. I love the one on one with the teachers and the love they show to the students. My daughter has blossomed at Trinity and I would not have her go any where else. She is so far ahead of her peers that attend the public school, both academically and in discipline. I am so thankful that the school is here. It was a blessing from God to find this school.

The Classical Education along with the focus on Christ is a recipe for success. I love the one on one attention my child receives from not just their immediate teacher, but from all the staff and other student body as well.

Our 2 boys have built great friendships, learned much in the way of a well rounded education, and grown in their faith during their time at Trinity Christian School. The leaders and teachers are excellent at what they do and caring in the way they do it. For anyone holding back because of the cost, don’t! The many tuition opportunities are a real blessing (the tuitions have covered almost all of our costs) and the staff at the school helps you take advantage of each of them. Since we made the switch to Trinity, we’ve never looked back, knowing in our hearts this is the best choice for our family. Do yourself a favor and check it out!

This is our second year at Trinity Christian School in Prescott, AZ and we are still impressed. They have maintained what they promised to deliver. My son loves to go to school, has a lot of friends and loves his teachers. Last year, his first year there, he was eating lunch alone when a student with a bunch of his friends came and ate with him and said, no one eats alone at this school. This was such a great example of how we all should be. I highly recommend this school.

My husband and I agree, we give Trinity 2 big thumbs up! Not only is the entire staff well-rounded (academics & high moral standings) they sincerely care about the kids they teach and use the “entire kid” approach…heart and all! High academic standards are delivered through classical education and with great expectations of students’ character taught through biblical principles, the school has success written all over it. Trinity gives the phrase, “no child left behind” a whole knew meaning! We are definite fans!!!

I couldn’t be happier with what daughter is getting at this school. I realize that there may be aspects that she is not getting if she were at a public school as this school is currently located at a church. What she is getting, however, far surpasses any equipment/playground/etc. What I appreciate most about Trinity is the community that I feel apart of. I don’t just send her to school and that’s it. I’m involved and they emphasize that they exist to come alongside parents to help facilitate their child’s growth. Take a tour, shadow a class, check out the classical christian perspective, and see for yourself that it is a great place to have your child(ren) attend.

The best education in the area. Our kids are starting their 7th year at Trinity. They are getting a great education in a safe and nurturing environment. They have great friends and know kids in all of the grades. It is like a family for them. My son is a freshman and starting Spanish this year. He has already had Latin and German. He and my daughter are Spelling Bee winners because of the Latin and the focused teaching. They score among the top students in the nation in the standardized tests. We could not be happier with the staff and teachers. We are surveyed annually to help identify areas of concern and improvement. Many of the teachers have become friends to us and our kids. Tuition has never been a problem. God provides in mighty ways. I am sure He has blessed many of the families in need because I see a great deal of diversity in the students and their families. My kids love the sports. We all cheer for both teams and praise all of the athletes at events. It is a unique and fulfilling experience.