Honoring Our Christian Heritage

As a private classical Christian school, at Trinity we have the incredible privilege of teaching children the truth about our nation’s rich Biblical and Christian heritage.  Throughout the curriculum students are introduced to great men and women of God who formed our nation on Biblical principles and provided us with a great “cloud of witnesses” to inspire us to live life the way that God intended us to in worship of Him in all that we do.

We teach students to dig deep into original source material in order to discover the original intent of the authors’ works they read.  As they do this with the men and women who shaped American society at its founding, they discover many treasures of wisdom and truth founded on God’s word.

At the different grade levels students learn about the lives of our nation’s founding fathers, church fathers and leaders, artists and musicians, and missionaries.  Our students learn not to idolize these great men and women, for Christ is our King, but to learn from them how to think about art, culture, government, music, science, philosophy, ethics, and many more subjects.

In the K-6th grades, each year students put together a production for Heritage Day, honoring our nation’s Christian Heritage, and educating the students and the school community about the lives of our founders.

In grades  7-12, there are many studies and reports centered around the architects of our nation’s original ideals.

“What a joy to have the freedom to teach students the TRUTH about our nation’s founders without apology from the very works of the men and women whose original vision was based upon the core belief that our Creator God endowed us with certain unalienable rights.”  — Kyle Maestri, Headmaster