Our Graduates

Graduate Success:

Trinity’s educational preparation in student lives and have earned our seniors acceptance to a wide variety of higher education studies: Princeton Seminary, Purdue University, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Judson University, University of Arizona, Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, Biola University, University of Advanced Technology, University of Iowa, New Mexico University, Seattle Pacific University, Grand Canyon University, Hawaii Pacific, Azusa Pacific Northwest College; also, to numerous community colleges. Graduates have pursued a variety of fields of study. These include nursing, medicine, ministry, missions, law, oceanography, engineering and political science.

Trinity Christian School offers college preparatory program with higher level courses and advanced teaching in the classroom.

Graduation Requirements for TCS:
Bible: 4 Credits
History: 3 Credits
English: 4 Credits
Math: 4 Credits
Science: 3 Credits (lab sciences)
Foreign Language: 2 Credits
Rhetoric: 1 Credit
Logic: 1 Credit
Fine Art: 1 Credit
Electives: 2 Credits

Total: 25 Credits


 SAT SCORES TCS State National
2013-2014 1595 1498 1497
2014-2015 1681 1552 1490
2015-2016 1790 No Data  

No Data


 ACT SCORES TCS State National
2013-2015 23.6 19.7 21
2015-2016 27 19.9 21.3